Using connectors Mapsimise can integrate with your internet-facing applications and data sources, allowing data to be pulled into Mapsimise for mapping and pushed out for onward business processes such as sending mailshots via digital marketing systems.

Going forward, Mapsimise aims to integrate with as many applications as possible to make it easy to map your data no matter where it is stored, and to fit in with your information systems and processes.

There are currently three types of connector:

Live Data Connectors

Applications that have complex data querying functionality can be used as live data sources for Mapsimise. That means that you can map data stored on cloud-hosted CRM systems and databases without needing to import your data into the Mapsimise platform.

Live data connectors supported by Mapsimise are: Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and SugarCRM. We are planning a SQL Server connector for 2020.

Marketing Connectors

Just one of the many types of data output connectors planned for Mapsimise. At launch, Mapsimise can connect to the Dotdigital and Mailchimp digital marketing platforms.

Data Sync Connectors

Planned for early 2020, data sync connectors will be used to import data from third-party systems and keep it up-to-date on a schedule. Data Sync connectors will be available for applications that do not support full data querying but do allow basic querying of records such as accounts and contacts.