The colour, icon, shape and size of a Layer's pins can be changed to reflect the record it represents.  To do this multiple queries can be applied to a Layer with the Marker variations. 

The Marker variations window can be launched from the Layers context menu.

Multiple rules can be applied to each of the Marker variation options all of which will be applied in the order they appear, therefore if who options are created in contention the first will be set and then the second will be applied after.

Rows can be added to the Marker variation section from it's relevant add variation button.  Clicking the first element will allow the user to set the attribute.  Next the dropdown will allow the user to select from the Layer's fields, the second dropdown will contain all of the operators and the third a value, both the operator and value are populated depending on the selected fields datatype.

Once dismissed the Marker variations will be applied to each of the relevant Layer’s pins.