In Mapsimise a map is a way of displaying the records of a Data source.   If no Data sources are available, then a dialogue will be displayed showing ways of creating one.  Once either a Datatable has been uploaded or a Connector has been created the dialogue will no longer be displayed allowing the user access to the “New Map” button.


When the "New Map" button is clicked it will open a dialogue allowing the user to name the new map.  


Once created selecting the Map section will initially display an overview of the current available Mapsimise Maps.  Highlighting a map row will enable the contextual "Open Map" and "Details" buttons.  The map's detail sidebar can also be accessed by clicking the maps name.  Any previously saved Map Views are also accessible via the sidebar and clicking on them will launch them in a new browser tab.

The records from a Mapsimise data source for information about populating a map see the articles Setting Up Your First Map and What are Mapsimise Connectors?