When a Datatable is uploaded to Mapsimise each of the fields will be assigned the data type that best matches its contents.  The field’s name will also be extrapolated from the column heading.  These automatically assigned properties can be refined after the file has been uploaded.

Selecting a Datatable from the index will allow the user to select the “Details” option.  

The user can see the current Datatable’s column configurations from the details section “Table Columns”.  To open the window where the User can edit these values the user can click the “Edit Column” button.

Fields that are assigned to be used in the Geocoding process can not be edited.

The first available configuration option is choosing a unique identity field for each of the records.  This will be necessary if the Datatable is to be updated as this field will dictate if the record data should be added or overwritten.

The “Column Name” will be used when the field is internally referenced by Mapsimise so it cannot be updated, however wherever the field is shown to the end user the “Display Name” field will be used, therefore this can be edited to better reflect its use.

The “Data Type” drop down will allow the user to select from the options compatible with the fields current data. 

A new field can be added to the Datatable and it can later be populated either automatically, by uploading a Datatable update, or manually, using the “Edit Records” option from the Datatable menu.

For more information about editing a Datatable record see the article Mapsimise Datatable editing.