The records from a Mapsimise data source for information about populating a map see the articles Setting Up Your First Map and What are Mapsimise Connectors? 

Mapsimise Maps

Selecting the Map section will initially display an overview of the current available Mapsimise Maps.  Highlighting a map row will enable the contextual "Open Map" and "Details" buttons.  The map's detail sidebar can also be accessed by clicking the maps name.

The details sidebar menu for the selected map contains three sections, the first displaying the date that the map was created and the map owner.  The Layers section details what Data sources have been used to populate the map and the last section shows which View states have been saved using the map's records.


Each Mapsimise map comes pre-populated with useful KMLs, additional files can be uploaded.  Selecting a KML from the list will load it into the map and open the details in a sidebar. 

From the KML details sidebar the node tree hierarchy can be navigated, and the node branches can be searched.   Other available options are visibility toggling and map centring.

Each KML object can be selected, using the primary mouse click to reveal its label, and its context menu can be revealed with the secondary mouse click.

If a KML node is converted to a filter its shape will be read as a Mapsimise polygon and it can be edited and coloured as required.

Once loaded the KML sidebar will remain accessible until the KML layer is removed.

The remaining Mapsimise data filters can be toggled and ordered as necessary to prioritise their filtering.