The account section allows the user to edit their own details as well as those of the Mapsimise Environment. 

My Account

The My Account section allows the User to review and edit information relating to their account.

User Information

The first section allows the user to change the name presented on their account, their password and Timezone.  By default, the User’s Timezone will match the Account’s but a more relevant Timezone can be selected.  In all places that time is shown it will be calculated using both the User and Account’s preference.

Multifactor Authentication

The second section allows the user to add Multifactor Authentication.  When the User first enables multifactor authentication, they will be presented with a QR code that they can scan with any number of Authentication applications.  Once authenticated the chosen authenticator application will present the user with a verification code as proof that the application is correctly registered.  upon activation the multifactor authentication becomes part of the standard Mapsimise login process.


Mapsimise exposes multiple endpoints to interrogation from third party tools.  Each call to the Mapsimise API will require the Users API key. 

For more information on the Mapsimise API see API Documentation  


The Settings section refers to the Account environment variable.

Account Information

The first section allows the user to change the Account’s name and Timezone.  If the Account name is changed this will be reflected in the places the name is displayed, but it will not affect the Mapsimise domain.

Account Deletion

Should it be necessary to delete your Mapsimise account an account deletion can be requested in this section.  We would however ask that the questions were answered so that we can fully understand the reasons why an account deletion was thought necessary.