A Mapsimise View is a way of capturing the Map state.  This includes the Datasources, Shape filters, Routes and Map options that may have been applied.

Once the user has configured the Map a View can be created from the main “File” menu options.  Selecting a “New View” will reset the Map to its default state, the “Save View” will save the current Map state, The “Rename View” is only applicable once a View has been saved, as is the “Delete View” option.

When saving a View the user must add a name but can also add a description.

Once a View has been saved it can be shared to either specific Mapsimise Users or it can be made public.  

For more information about sharing a Mapsimise View read the article Mapsimise View sharing.

The View’s description can be reviews by clicking the information button (the circled “I”) in the Map’s toolbar.  

A user can see a Map’s Views by selecting the Map from the index, this will show the Map’s Views in the bottom section.  If the user clicks menu “Details”, for the currently selected Map, further information will be displayed about each of the Views.

Any View that is created against a Map the current User is an administrator of will be accessible to that User from the related Map View menu.