The below example uses the Map already populated with the records from the Salesforce Connector entities detailed in previous articles.  For information about creating a Salesforce Connector see the article Connecting to Salesforce with Mapsimise and for information on how to use the Connector to populate the map see the article Creating Maps with Salesforce and Mapsimise.

Shape Filters

A shape filter can be drawn at any location on a map and will return the records in that region. 

Each shape is made from points placed on the map, if the points enclose an area they will return the records inside that region, otherwise they will return the records surrounding the described shape.

The Polyline allows the tracing of a map’s geography and is created from at least two points, each of which can then be subdivided for greater locational specificity.

As a Polyline filter does not enclose an internal region the records within a given radius of the shape will be returned.  The filters radius can be set to return the required records.

The primary field for each of the returned record pins will link to the full record on the Salesforce website.

Multiple concurrent filters can be used to cover the desired region and all active layers will be queried with all active filters.

Filter Styling

Filters can be independently styled allowing for easy layer visibility.  If the filter encloses an area both that filled area and its border can be styled, otherwise just the line will be able to be styled.  

Each stylable element can have its colour and transparency configured.