The below example uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector detailed in the previous article.  For information about creating a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector see the article Connect with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and map data.

Map Creation

In Mapsimise a map is a way of displaying the records of a Data source.   If no Data sources are available, then a dialogue will be displayed showing ways of creating one.  Once either a Datatable has been uploaded or a Connector has been created the dialogue will not be displayed allowing the user access to the “New Map” button.

When the "New Map" button is clicked it will open a dialogue allowing the user to name the new map.  

Layer Configuration

Once a new map is opened a new Layer will be created and the Data source configuration options will be shown. Of the dropdown options the “Connectors” option should reflect the name of the Salesforce environment. In the “Entity” options the desired Salesforce entity should be selected, this will pre-populate the “Geocode Rule” and “Display name” fields which can be further updated as required.

Once the Mapsimise Data source has been configured further options will be displayed, allowing for the naming of the Mapsimise Map Layer, the Data Filter applied to the records in the Data source and the amount of records to be displayed.

The last configuration screen allows the customisation of the record pins, from its colour, external and internal icons as well as size.

Additional Connector entity Layers

Additional Layers can be added to a Map using the “New Layer” button.

A Mapsimise Map Layer can be configured to use any of the currently available Data sources each of which is configured in the same way as the initial Map Layer.