As of 4th April 2022, use of the WS-trust (Office365) authentication security protocol when connecting to Microsoft Dataverse will be removed. If you have an existing connection using username/password for connecting to your CRM from Mapsimise you will need to change to using the Dataverse Authentication Scheme.


Before switching your connector authentication from Username/Password to the new Client Id/ Client Secret authentication make sure you have completed the steps in the following articles:

Creating Azure application registration

Adding your AzureAD Service Principal to your Dataverse Environment

Changing Authentication Scheme

  1. Open your instance of Mapsimise
  2. Select Connectors and the select the Connectors tab
  3. Select your Dynamics CRM instance and open the details pane
  4. Select Advanced
  5. Change Scheme to Dataverse
  6. Enter your Client Id
  7. Enter your Client Secret
  8. Check the  Impersonate Users option (See this article for full details on the Impersonate option)
  9. Select Login
Your connector is now using the Dataverse Authentication Scheme connecting via your AzureAD Application and Service Principal User.