This article shows you how to create and configure a new Azure Active Directory (AzureAD) application and Service Principal user to allow Mapsimise to access your Dynamics Dataverse instance.

This article assumes that the user has all the appropriate permissions.

Registering a new Application in Azure AD

  1. Sign in to your Azure account through Azure Portal
  2. Select Azure Active Directory (Now Microsoft Entra ID)
  3. Select App Registrations
  4. Select New registration
  5. Enter a suitable name for the application, i.e. Mapsimise
  6. Select "Accounts in the organizational directory only..." and select Register

Creating Client Secret

  1. Select Certificates & secrets
  2. Select New client secret
  3. Enter a suitable description and when the secret expires.
  4. Select Add

You will now be presented with the new Client Secret.

Copy the Client Secret Value and keep it somewhere safe as the value is hidden once the page has refreshed.