Mapsimise can be used to map business data on a global basis, and as such must be able to deal with data from different time zones around the world.

Your Mapsimise account has an option for Time Zone. It is important to set the Account Time Zone to one that is central to your business and data, no matter where your Mapsimise users are located globally. You can find the Account Time Zone setting in the Settings section of the main menu.

Wherever a date is displayed in the Mapsimise user interface, it will be proceeded by the time zone the date/time is being displayed in. All dates and times will be displayed in the Account Time Zone. If you hover or press on a date, you will be shown two or three further dates:

  1. The date in the Account Time Zone
  2. (optional, if different from the Account Time Zone) The date in the User’s Time Zone (as selected on their profile page).
  3. The date in the user’s operating system time zone

User Time Zone (optional)
Each Mapsimise User may set an optional Time Zone from their profile page:

  1. Click on the user initial in the top-right of the screen
  2. Click Edit Profile
  3. Click the User Time Zone to change it

Note that setting the User Time Zone simply adds a third display time zone to the date hover info as shown above. The primary time zone for displayed dates will always be the Account Time Zone.

Time Zones for uploaded data
When you upload data to a Mapsimise datatable, Mapsimise will respect any dates/times that are formatted in ISO 8601 format, with a time zone part (e.g. 2019-10-14T02:01:40Z for a Zulu/UTC data or 2019-10-14T02:01:40-05:00 for the same date/time in the EST -5:00 time zone)

If uploaded dates/times are locally formatted (e.g. “18/06/2020 08:00”), Mapsimise will assume the Account Time Zone for the date/time value.