The Address Book is a new way to get started plotting addresses on a Mapsimise map without having to upload data from outside of the Mapsimise system.

The Address Book will be used in future Mapsimise features such as personnel management and appointment scheduling, but right now it’s perfect for adding addresses that are important to your business, such as:

  • Your Head Office location
  • Staff home addresses (useful if plotting routes for drivers that start from home!)
  • Branches
  • Depots
  • Asset Locations

Each address can be given a category, and the address list can be filtered by category. You can create categories to fit your business needs.

From the Address Book screen, get started by selecting the Add New Address button. Note that you can also search your address book (all fields are searched) and filter it by category.

Give the new address a title (e.g. “Head Office”, “New York Branch”). This can be considered the “Name” of the address as it would be shown on a map.

Choose or type a category for the address (e.g. “Home Address”, “Delivery Driver”, “Depot”). If you wish to set up a new category, simply type a category name instead of selecting an existing one.

Enter the rest of the address fields and optionally an email address (which could subsequently be used to send out a mailshot using a Marketing Connector). Then click Save to add the address to the address book.

Associating Addresses to Mapsimise Users
Addresses can be assigned to users in your Mapsimise system. For example, you could link a user to the office that they work in, and also their home address if they start appointment routes from home. Associating addresses will be used for future Mapsimise features.

You can associate Users to an address by clicking the Associate User(s) button on the address edit screen.

Associating addresses can also be performed from the Users screen (Edit User):

  1. Click “Add User Addresses”
  2. Select Addresses from the list of available addresses to assign to the User
  3. Click “Add Selected”. Any addresses chosen will now be listed under the User Addresses section.

Adding the Address Book to a Map
Note that you must have added at least one address to the Address Book to add the Address Book to a map.

  1. Add a map layer as normal by clicking the Add Layer button from any map.
  2. Select Mapsimise Datatables from the Connectors list
  3. Select your Address Book datatable. This will be named after your Mapsimise organisation name (e.g. “Smiths Deliveries Address Book”)
  4. Choose a marker colour and icon, and add the fields to the Info Bubble and Grid fields as needed (see Layers You will probably want to use the “Name” field for the Info Bubble title field.