If you are having trouble with Installing, Configuring or Uninstalling please review this page, and if you are still having issues, please create a support ticket.

The CRM server is taking longer than normal to process this request.

This normally occurs when uninstalling a solution, if CRM is running a little slower, or the server is busy it can take a little longer than normal. 

If you get this error message, the only thing to do is wait a few minutes, this gives CRM a chance to finish the action and catch up. If you wait and then refresh the configuration/page it should reflect that CRM has finished. 

The CRM server cache needs a little longer to recover.

This normally occurs when installing the solution, CRM might not have updated it's cache with configuration changes on all servers. 

If this happens, you will just need to wait a few minutes and refresh the configuration/page and try again.

Not all Rules were installed. The CRM server cache needs a little longer.

This, like above occurs when installing the solution. After installation, the existing Geocoding Rules are configured. If CRM is busy, it may not have updated it's cache on all servers and not all Rules can be installed.

If this happens, wait a few minutes for CRM to catch and then install the Rules that failed manually.

The Service Credentials provided do not have the appropriate permissions.

This would then normally be followed up with the missing permission.

If installing the Client Integration, it is recommended that you update the Service Credentials with a user that has the System Administrator Security Role. Once installed and configured you can change your Service Credential user back. You can then add the Security Role Mapsimise Configuration that will be created as part of the solution import into CRM. This will allow the user to maintain configuration with CRM, but will not have the permission to remove the solution again.