In order to plot data from your system, be it Accounts, Contacts, Leads or any other entity/object, the records must have latitude and longitude values in the fields mapped on a corresponding geocoding rule.

The Client Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows automatic geocoding to occur as records are created and updated in your CRM system. 


To install the Client Integration into your CRM Organisation involves importing the Mapsimise CRM Solution.

Before installing the Solution please ensure the Service Credentials have the appropriate permissions in order to import solutions.

It is recommended that you use credentials with the System Administrator Security Role to avoid any issues when installing and configuring the Client Integration. 

Click on Install Solution to open the Client Integration screen and then click on the Install link.

This will now install the latest version into your CRM Organisation. This may take a little time, so please wait whilst this is installed.

Once this has finished installing it will automatically configure CRM based on your current Geocoding Rules.


A new Mapsimise Configuration record will be created for your Connector, which provides CRM with the details required to geocode records.

For each of your Geocoding Rules, a matching record will be created in CRM and a corresponding Plugin Step will be configured which will handle the Create and Update of records.


If we take the account Geocoding Rule, in Mapsimise this looks as follows:

Each Address field is mapped to the corresponding field in CRM. This mapping is copied across to a Geocoding Rule record in CRM.

Whenever a record is created or any of the mapped fields are changed in CRM, the plugin is triggered and the address is geocoded, providing the values for the Latitude and Longitude fields in CRM.


From here you can uninstall the Solution in CRM or install a new version if one is available.

If you want to remove the configuration, but keep the solution installed in CRM you can click on the Remove link. If the configuration is removed then you will have the option to Configure it again.

Geocoding Rules

Whenever you create, update or delete a geocoding rule, the corresponding Rule and Plugin Step in CRM will automatically be updated.


If you do not want a particular rule to be automatically geocoded then you can click the Disable link next to the corresponding rule. This will disable the rule and corresponding Plugin Step in CRM. If the rule is disabled, you click on the Enable link to re-enable the rule in CRM.


See Troubleshooting Dynamics 365 Client Integration