A Mapsimise User can be given one of four roles: Basic User, Custom, Administrator or Owner.  A User can only hold a single Role at any one time. 


The Owner of the Organisation is the only User able to access the Organisations billing section.  They can also Administer Users and perform all other Mapsimise functions.

Mapsimise only allows one User to be registered as the Owner of the Organisation.  The user is able to transfer the Owner permission which will demote their account to Administrator.


A Mapsimise Administrator is able to manage User accounts as well as performing all other Mapsimise functions.

Basic User

A Basic User is able to perform all standard Mapsimise functions.


Any Mapsimise account that has access to the User section will be able to set custom role properties for a User.  These can be used to grant or revoke actions within a section or the access to the section itself.