A Mapsimise marketing Connector can be used to export records from a Mapsimise data source into a selected Mailchimp Audience.  There are two elements that are required for this, the first is a Mailchimp API key and the second is the Mapsimise marketing Connector.

Creating a Mailchimp API key

Once created the Mailchimp API key will be used to authenticate the connection between Mapsimise and Mailchimp allowing the records to be exported.

To create a Mailchimp API key first login to Mailchimp and navigate to the “Account and billing” section.  


From the “Account and billing” section open the “Extras” tab and select the “API keys” options.

From the “API Key” section clicking the “Create A Key” button will generate a new API key.  The Label field should be set to indicate the key’s function.

Creating a Mapsimise marketing Connector

To create a Mapsimise marketing Connector login to Mapsimise and navigate to the “Billing” section from the main menu. 

Select the “Plan” table from the “Billing” screen which will reveal the current Mapsimise Plan and any currently active add-on packages.   

Select the “Explore Add-ons” and from the available add-ons select the “Details” button from the Mailchimp Mapsimise Connector.

Once the “Buy” button on the Mailchimp Connector is clicked it will open the configuration panel where it will require the Mailchimp API key and when filled the “Test Connection” will be unlocked and clicking it will login to the Mailchimp API.  Upon a successful login the “Confirm Purchase” button will be unlocked allowing the finalisation of the Connector purchase.

Exporting and mapping Mapsimise records 

The displayed Mapsimise Layer records can be exported at any time and any filtering applied to the Layer will be retained.

Clicking the “Export” button located on the grid will open the available export options.  

Clicking the Mailchimp “Add to Audience” button will open the field mappings between he Mapsimise records and the Mailchimp Contact record.

In the export menu the first option is to select the destination of the export, either enter the name of a new Mailchimp Audience or select to export the records into an existing one.  Once an export destination has been selected the relevant Mapsimise field can be chosen to be mapped to the Mailchimp Contact entity.  The Email field mapping is always required.

To start the export, click the “Add to Audience” button.

Checking Mailchimp imports

The duration of the import to Mailchimp will depend on the number of records being exported from Mapsimise, however the current number of Contacts can be viewed in the “Audience dashboard” section.