It is important to read and fully understand this article before running a bulk geocoding job on your data via a Live Connector.

In order to plot data from your system, be it Accounts, Contacts, Leads or any other entity/object, the records must have latitude and longitude values in the fields mapped on a corresponding geocoding rule.

Because the data is stored on your connected system and Mapsimise queries the data via the connector, we need to write the geocoded latitude and longitude values back into the records via the connected system’s API.

To update records in your system, Mapsimise connects using the Service Credentials supplied when setting up your Live Connector. This means that during a bulk geocoding job, any records that are successfully geocoded will have their Last Modified date and their Last Modified By user changed to the current date/time and the Service Credentials user account, respectively.

Because Mapsimise uses only supported API calls to alter records in the target system, we have no control over the last updated date or last modified by user being changed. This happens automatically whenever a record is updated for any reason.

It is important to understand that if you use Last Modified/Modified On or Modified By fields for auditing, triggering workflows, or reporting, you need to consider the ramifications of a large number of records in an entity/object/module being updated.

Mapsimise will warn you the first time you run a bulk geocoding Job manually or set up a scheduled bulk geocoding job for each geocoding rule.

Remember, Mapsimise will only update a record in your system when:

  • The record is newly created OR has been updated since the last successful bulk geocoding job.
  • At least one of the address fields mapped on the geocoding rule has a value
  • For existing records, at least one of the address fields values has changed since the last successful bulk geocoding job.
  • If this is the first time a bulk geocoding job has been run, the latitude and longitude values must be empty. Mapsimise respects pre-geocoded data and will not attempt to geocode records with lat/long values on the first run.

Mapsimise and the Mapsimise team accept no responsibility for issues caused by updating records in your connected system.