Automatic Geocoding is geocoding that automatically occurs when a new record is created, or a record's address fields are updated. Mapsimise aims to provide automatic geocoding support for all data sources so that bulk geocoding only needs to be performed for the initial data import or connection.

Records stored in Mapsimise Datatables are always geocoded automatically according to the datatable’s Geocoding Rule when created or the address is updated. Note that all automatic geocoding spends Geocoding Credits.

For most Live Data Connectors, Mapsimise does not have direct control over when records are created or updated, so you will need to set up a Scheduled Bulk Geocoding Job to keep your records geocoded after the initial bulk geocoding run.

For Dynamics 365, Mapsimise now has a Client Integration which supports automatic geocoding via a solution and plugin.

Going forward, we will be looking to provide extensions for other Live Data Connectors to perform geocoding automatically via the Mapsimise system.