As of 4th April 2022, use of the WS-trust (Office365) authentication security protocol when connecting to Microsoft Dataverse will be removed. If you have an existing connection using username/password for connecting to your CRM from Mapsimise you will need to switch to using the Dataverse Authentication Scheme.

See article Switching your Dynamics CRM to the new Client Secret authentication for details on how to switch

Adding a new Dynamics Connector

  1. Log in to your instance of Mapsimise
  2. Go to Connectors, select the Connectors tab and click Add a Connector
  3. Select the "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" connector.

You will need Create permission for Connectors.

Microsoft Dataverse

Connecting to Microsoft Dataverse requires you to have an Azure Active Directory (AzureAD) Application and Service Principal in order to allow Mapsimise to connector to your Dataverse Environment via Server-to-Server(S2S) authentication.

Creating a Service Principal User to connect to your dataverse environment doesn't use any additional licences.

See this article for setting up your Application and Service Principal User
and this article for Adding your AzureAD Service Principal to your Dataverse Environment

Organisation URL

This is the web address of your Dataverse Environment / Dynamics CRM instance. For example :

Client Id

This is the Application (client) ID from  your AzureAD Application

Client Secret

This is the Client Secret set up from your AzureAD Application.

Impersonate Users

When you setup the AzureAD Service Principal user in your environment, all requests are run from that user. If you would like to impersonate your CRM users so the requests will be run in the context of each user. This allows you to use Views/Data Filters like "My Active Contacts" and the returned results will be returned for that user.

Mapsimise will automatically map your user(s) Mapsimise email address to the CRM Username in order to impersonate the user. If your Mapsimise email address does not match your CRM Username, you can save your Mapsimise email address in another field on the CRM user record. i.e. Email 2 (personalemailaddress) or a custom field. If you do this you will need to create a support ticket and let us know the name field this is saved in so we can make the configuration change.

 Once the connection has been tested via the "Test Connection" and we can confirm connectivity to your instance, the "Confirm Purchase" button will enable allowing you to proceed with the purchase. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM / IFD

When first setting up your Dynamics connector, the default Authentication Scheme is "Dataverse". To switch to Dynamics CRM / IFD, click on Advanced and then select Dynamics CRM / IFD from the Scheme drop down.

 You will then be presented with the following information : 

Organisation URL

This is the web address of your Dynamics CRM instance. For example :

Username / Email

This is the username of the user you want to set up as the Service Credentials.


The password for the user.

You should always connect using a Dynamics user account with enough privileges to perform the actions you require.

Once the connector has been added with Service Credentials, you can either setup Shared Credentials or allow users to enter their own username/passwords when accessing data on a map.