In Mapsimise a Datatable refers to a collection of uploaded records, these can be uploaded in either a CSV or Spreadsheet file format.


If the Datatable is uploaded with mapped Latitude and Longitude fields then these will be used to place the relevant markers.  If however the location of the record is not available the record can be Geocoded and the results can be written to a Mapsimise supplied field.

Each record that is Geocoded will use a single Geocoding credit, the Mapsimise organisation Owner can acquire additional Geocoding credits from the billing section.

The amount of Datatables, records (within those Datatables) and the fields (each record can have) are all dictated by the organisations Billing plan.


Once the data has been uploaded it can be added to an existing map or used to create a new one.

See the Maps for details.

Field Mappings

To enable the data to be updated (at a later stage) a record Id can be selected from the uploaded fields.