Here’s a quick guide to getting some business contacts on to a map.

1. Have your contacts in Excel .XLSX or .CSV format, with address columns:

2. When you first launch Mapsimise, you’ll see the Welcome To Mapsimise screen. Click the “Excel/CSV sheets with address fields” button

3. Click the “Upload CSV/XLSX File” button and select your contacts Excel file.

4. You will now see the Geocoding Rule configuration screen. Match as many address fields as you can to the columns in your sheet and then click OK. This tells Mapsimise how to convert your data from addresses to global co-ordinates (geocoding). Mapsimise will attempt to detect address fields and lat/long fields in your datasheet.

5. Your data will now be geocoded in the background, so it’s time to add it to a map! Simply click OK when asked if you'd like to create a map.

6. Your new map will now load. If your data was pre-geocoded, you should see the records on the map already. Mapsimise will automatically name your map based on the filename of your datasheet, and add your data columns to the datagrid and infobubble (the popup displayed when you click a marker on the map).

7. Zoom out on your new map using your scrollwheel, pinch+zoom, or the + and – buttons. As your records are geocoded, they will start to appear on the map.